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so, so still
you stand before me so tall and so still
yet never stood still
walking through my room,
pacing up and down
you've got nowhere else to be
but still its not that easy to be here with me,
its not that simple
but life doesn't turn easily,
despite illusions
it spins with such force and focus,
it summons all the power there is
and you feel weak
so how can you stand still and fight the current
to stay with me?
so you flutter form feleing to feeling
and from thought to thought,
some without me till you see my face again
and it'll be the death of you
cause i'll make you stand till you buckle
and the world kills you with a touch
so how could you fight for me
if the cost could be you?
so you walk away just as tall as when you stay
and as you walk away from me
your just as still
and when you leave the door closed
i still feel you stood behind
but eventually you'll find your feet and walk on by
and you wont return to me again
and the world will win.
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 6
tickle me fickle
you fell in love with a boy not a man
and you suffered the downfall of lust
when its all been spent and your the one left holding the cheque
cause the fire is out and your love has been left to freeze
cause his found better ways to spend his time
a boys heart can be fickle,
you know that now
cause its never about love,
its all in the lust and it cannot live long
so you waited for words that would never be said
and you knew all along the fait of your heart
cause you knew his eyes where quick
but his hand was quicker
and it took your heart then broke it in a matter of months
you can count on one hand
and without a moments hesitation he fled the scene of you
before you could cry,
before you died flat out over him
and in doing so he saved you a hell on earth
cause the wind in his sails dried the tears before they fell
and there wasn't much blood,
a few cuts and bruises but you made it out alive
cause you knew that you fell in love with a boy not a man
so you prepared yourself for the day t
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 5
the form of love
a name,
what's to it?
what is in it?
nothing but letters,
a word
its not the name i care,
its not the face i want,
its the soul inside,
its the beauty hiding behind
that captures this blindfolded heart of mine
cause i couldn't love you more,
i couldn't love you any less-
5 fingers,
5 toes,
its all nothing to me.
its you that i want
cause you touched me unnamed,
you led me to love anonymously
and laid your bones at my feet
for me
so lost in your words
finding comfort in your thoughts
i bathed in your smell
and buried your bones in my yard
in only a place that i knew
cause you where only mine
and i was only yours,
removed from time and the world
but that wasn't enough,
i wasn't enough for you.
you wanted the world
so you took it yourself
and you took it by force
and threw it at me
cause you never thought i could give it to you
so you rendered me useless
and dug yourself up
and dusted yourself off
and i buried myself,
i buried my bones in our grave.
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 2 2
could you ever?
you said hello to my smile
sat down and talked for awhile
and it passed by so fast
and so slow
so we meet up again
so many words, thoughts and cries of laughter,
nothing but sunshine felt through the clouds
but when the rain falls will it all wash away?
will the memory fade?
will you become nothing to me?
could you ever?
time rushed on with us running in hand,
we did the things, we people do,
spent our time with no remorse
ignoring any cost we might incur
cause the other was worth so much more,
more than gold, more than diamonds,
more than air that is clear
but would you not depreciate with the years?
would your importance not revert with age?
would you become second best?
could you ever be?
we did everything that your meant to do-
said three words in two
if only for our ears
and a band of love was visible to all
so nothing could stop the love,
nothing would change it
but time does not stop
and everything moves on and evolves,
how could we stop the band wearing thin
and breaking in two
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 1 3
breath in.breath out.breath in
the existence of the heart is the beat
the existence of the tear is the fall
the existence of the fist is the power
the existence of the blood is the flow
the existence of the breath is the feel
the existence of the love is the touch
so you breath in, breath out and breath in
just to feel the difference
smell her through the air,
a calling to your nerves,
a longing to be folded or played
with time your dealer and your hand,
with time your master and your death.
and you know inside the existence of the heart is the love
the existence of the tear is the sorrow
the existence of the fist is the fear
the existence of the blood is the price
the existence of the breath is you life
cause the existence of the love is your death
and you can hear a faint ticking
booming like a drum and it deafens you
to a shaking shell of what could be
and you keep trying to move it to one side,
to push it into the distance
but your one man against a world,
but you'll crush it before your breath stops with the si
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 1 6
stranager of me
days have been and they'll come again
but i cant promise that i'll still be here
cause its a hollow way to say i love you,
to declare what is unknown.
the world will have its way
and regardless of that you'll always mean the world to me
at this very moment
so much to still uncover that may never be known
but still we run onto tomorrow with no safety zone
cause you made up a vow
and whispered it to yourself while we slept
and dreamt it was me
that i'd never leave, i'd always stay here like a stone
but i'm not a stone, i'm just a pebble
and a pebble can get pushed by and lost
with no way for me to get back to you,
cause a pebble cant walk and a pebble cant run
and it cant say 'sorry' or 'i love you'
so hollow promises that were never said lie broken
in the aftermath of life and death and love
and all that lies between
so as we lie apart in the debrie of the tomorrow in today
don't cry when you think of me
and dont forget every smile that ever was,
remember all the days of joy
and all the
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 2
take me
can i take you to my darkened room
and show you how i chose to dream?
show you my thoughts and desires,
my wrong from right
and the cost of both to those i've crossed
can i take you to my lonesome days
and show you how i live my life?
show my cares and habits,
my vices from pleasures
and the cost of both to me
cant take you away now that your here
and i don't want you to leave,
should you wish i'd entertain you till i'm gone
moseying on around in my mind
and now never leaving my side
can i take you to my favourite place
and show you how i am the way i am?
show my body and my soul,
my past from present
and the cost of both to those who've crossed me
can i take you to my darkest hour
and show you how i sank this low?
show you my demons and impulses,
my crimes from sins
and the cost of both on me
cant take you anywhere you don't wanna go
and i cant make you stay there with me,
shan't ask anything of you but
maybe what do you want to do?
and i only pray you'll take me away from me with you
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 5
closed open book
too many words to choose from,
too many ways to express an emotion
so i'll just keep it all inside tonight,
i wont tell you how i feel,
i wont let you know anything of me
but the fool that you are thinks you know me to the bones
thinks you can read me like a book
cause its all written on my face,
well you better get your glasses
cause its not a language anyone here knows
is it fear that makes you believe a lie?
or is it arrogance and ignorance that makes you think its true
that no other knows me like you do,
that your the only thing worth anything to me,
i care for you true, but i care for a great many things
of matter and mind,
most above you,
cause non try to read me and label me like you do
and non of them make claims to see what is unseen in me
to know me through and through
to know me to the core,
but you believe you do
but you don't, not tonight and not tomorrow
and i don't think i can take another delivered speech of importance
without saying every word to express every emotion
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 0
the last action made
look them up.
explain them to yourself.
then shout them aloud for me.
well you've gushed and gooed and gone on and on
about just how much that you love me
and though i love you for saying it
(time and again!)
there's something saddening in a repeated declare of emotion,
so show me something more.
a one off image that shall burn
through my mind
cause your words are all becoming
one giant shouted 'i love you' aloud
that i cant even make out clearly anymore,
and i don't know what went wrong.
so look them up.
explain them to yourself.
then shout them aloud at me.
well you've shouted and cursed and accused me
of wrongs
without even a word from my defense,
(no trial, just straight to the noose)
and now that's all done in the silence you see,
show me something more
that will carry more weight
than any word ever could,
cause your words are all merging
to one deafening noise of a sound
that i cant even decipher anymore,
and i don't know what i did wrong
and words are only words anyway
so above
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 1
my fait in you
time becomes real
and moves on, at its own pace
till it ticks to the past
and with it the memories form
and the bones crumble to dust
in the fire
and now i see what has always been,
my fait in you
cause the key to you
was in me all along
and i understand the weight of that now,
i understand the cost.
and now as i make your fait mine
you need to accept that the price to pay is high
and understand that it has to be paid for in blood,
the blood of you in me
cause we are all one and the same,
divided by matter and space,
and with this division comes distance
and distance brings sacrifise,
so here's mine.
but remember the key to living is being ready to die
but knowing that your time is not now,
but my time is through, for you.
so live for me,
so that i might continue in you
and fix the pain that this deals
with the memories i've left,
solid through in mind,
to you
cause this is my love
wrapped up in a moment,
this is my love
smothered with tears and well wishes,
this is all the love inside
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 0
the grace in goodbyes
if we take one path we see,
we see the world through two eyes,
see how things would be-
the hair, the stare, the smell,
the position of foot in door,
position of wanting more.
wondering and wondering what could be there
where they are not
something better?  something worse?
something better?!
there's only one way to be sure
but sureness can be hard
so staying here is all you do,
foot in door
but the draft could kill you dead
if the weight of the door doesn't first,
or your imagination wandering off a cliff somewhere
but frozen to the spot you cant move.
then a figure comes to show another way
through two eyes the same
but what a different way they see,
they see the foot freeing your ghosts,
the door alone, a hand closing it firm,
a key, a lock, a bolt, a chain,
no way back in again,
the past secured away from thought
by a hand thinking of your heart
to set you free you have to leave a little something of yourself,
your imagination and your wonder of yesterday
but your happy t
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 1
turn that smile upside down
you fell in love with my smile
when we still stood as strangers,
just two foreign bodies to each other,
then as the days turned to months
you fell in love with my frown
cause you knew all about me,
knew my happiness from my sadness,
knew my light from my darkness,
you knew why i frowned
and that made it easier to bear
cause it made the love so much stronger,
a love that is rare
cause it was a love that was found in a smile
and a love that was found in a frown,
cause when the smiles fade the frowns are still around
and when the joy faded this love is still going strong,
so i wander round the world
smiling but longing to frown
and for that moment to come
when one finds me in the darkness
cause they saw the smile in my frown,
finds me in the cold
cause they saw their love in my frown all along,
they saw it their first.
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 1
these walls of mine
with my head against the wall
things seem quieter with voices louder
walking through my mind
and though who's tones they are is unknown
i don't like to see them go
cause i find a comfort in an unknown source.
the wall is cold and its solid,
a barrier of mud and of mortar
keeping them out and keeping me in
but its a choice that i'm happy to contend with
cause i don't need their looks and stares,
don't need their friendship or care.
i'm not in love with myself
but i can handle beng in my own company,
i don't talk to hear my voice
i only speak to hear words that need to be shared
and thoughts that need to be said
but i have non for you today so i stay away
behind the door
on the other side of this wall
i sit not alone and not scared
just perfectly content,
just being
but i still take comfort in an unknown voice
that breaks through these walls
into my silence,
breaks through my mind
into my world
turning one into more
and then back again.
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 0
his burned by the disgust in her eyes
laying broken from the pain from her lies,
its hard to make it through to another day
when suddenly you have to walk a different way
with every second away you forgot who your heart was for
wounding it with every sigh behind a locked door
you didn't set out to kill,
just roaming about from face to face with no self will
and now its all come crashing down
no one to lift you from the rain and you drown,
you pushed him away even when he tried to stay
still miles away even though you feel him lay
next to you a touch too far away now
and your the one that's left alone now,
his the one closing the door this time
since you took a knife to your prime
you killed the word 'together' as well as 'us'
without a second thought and does
it hurt in the night that his not there?
no fingers linger delicately stroking your hair.
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 2
of stable heart and mind
i was walking round at one with me,
i was walking round free to be
whoever i thought that i should be,
whoever i thought that i could be
then it happened right in front of me,
to me-
you came along
it followed through,
knocking me into oblivion i blacked out
and now i see things clearer in the confusion,
now i see things a different way
now that i'm here encased in these walls,
no safety scissors or padded cell will stop the pain getting through,
the pain that follows through when you walk on,
the pain that follows through when love is gone with you.
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 0
some people
you cant just walk away
from this thing that is,
from me,
i need you to see it through for me
you cant just come around
and then leave me here alone
waiting for you to just say another word,
to look at me again.
but you don't, you look inward now,
all thoughts on you,
my importance gone in a second
now the candles out its just too dark
you don't see the wind coming in strong
from where you take your stem of a wick
cause your already living in the dark,
pushing the light away
from you,
from me.
and the loss burns more than the flame ever could
cause the darkness carries a certain weight
and its a wait that could drown me dead
to join you where you've gone off to hide
away from me
cause you gave up on you,
on me
and there's nothing more that i can do,
no danger that i can save you from
cause danger was you
and i see that now
cause you gave up
cause he gave up on you
and i'm not so sure that i wont follow the suit through.
:iconeveningedith:EveningEdith 0 0


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holly roach
Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
Current Residence: merry old england
Favourite genre of music: any,depends on the song-something with a bit of a rock beat to it i guess
Favourite photographer: duane michales and jurgen klauke/david baliey
Favourite style of art: portrait
MP3 player of choice: ...Ally the pretty in pink record player! :)
Shell of choice: ....snail
Wallpaper of choice: .....carebear from my old room!! :)
Skin of choice: ....human
Favourite cartoon character: jack skelington and fry (from futurerama)
Personal Quote: when you grow up your heart dies!
I do not wish to use Poppy, my cats poorlyness to make a buck but I could be facing a steep vet bill so I have had my thinking cap on and come up with many items to sell that I can make and are even vaguely poetry related in an attempt to pay for her care.

Some of the things I had planned to do but Poppy's situation has made me bring them forward.

If you do not know I took my cat Poppy to the vets yesterday thinking she might have been hit by a car.  I'm still waiting to hear back about the x-rays but there is a chance she wasn't hit but has some kind of 'growth' which sounds costly frankly!

So I am basically auctioning off every bit of creativity I have to get some money together to pay for the bill hopefully, if you kind folks would be so nice as to buy things :)

Below is a list of items and their cost.  I will be putting it up on the website tonight.  Pictures for some of the items will be up in the next couple of days.

If you have been umming and ahhing about getting a book then PLEASE buy one now, at their sale price & you could always stock up on christmas presents :)

Anything you buy will be much appreciated and I guarentee your good karma points will be racked up and coming back at you at some point! :)

Simply pick the items, add it up and send me the money through Paypal to HOLLYTROACH@AOL.COM and either write in the note what you have ordered and how many or drop me an email to say, with POPPYROCK in the subject heading, if you have a UK bank account you can send me a cheque through the post or a postal order

Thank you :)

COMPLETE LIST OF ITEMS, including POPPYROCK (as in poppycock) RANGE

1.  Plans To Change & Other Fables poetry book, on sale   £5.50

2.  Hand illustrated Plans To Change & Other Fables poetry book  £8

3.  Spoken word cd (10 tracks)  £5

4.  Handbound 'POPPYROCK' book of 10-15 poems  £5

5.  Poem print, an A4 print of a poem with illustration on thick paper/card, any poem from Plans or from my Poetry month poems, please say which £3.50

6.  Limited edition poem print, same as above but only 1 of 50, numbered and signed £5

7.  Personalised poem print, same as above but poem will be one individual to you £8

8.  Hand made greetings card, any occasion (specifie), even usual ones with illustration & hand writen verse, single £2.50

9.  Pack of 5 £8

10.  Pack of 10 £15

11. Vouchor for wesbite for future use if you can't decide on what to get or for a gift of any £pound value from £1 to sky's the limit! :)

12. Hand knitted Poppyrock vegan scarf (choice of colours) £10

13. 2011 Poem calendar, a poem a day, with illustrations £5

14. Poetry postcards, with short poem and illustrations each £2 (which an additional £1 if you would like it addressed & sent to the person)

15. Pack of 5 £7

16. Pack of 10 £13

17. Paper boats Poppyrock mobil, made from vegan wool and coloured paper with lines from a poem written on each boat, or can write your own message on them for no extra fee £10

18. Individual Poppyrock paper boat, small £1.50

19. Large £3

20. Christmas cards, single £2.50

21. Pack of 10 £13

22. Personalised wedding poem, to read at a wedding £5

23. Personalised celebration poem, birthday, funeral, christening, etc £5

25. Donation, if you're feeling REALLY super swell and kind and want complete guarentee in some good karma :D

I have to get back to work in a minute but will list a few more later today.  Please if you are thinking about it buy as soon as you can.  Their may be a little delay between you paying and getting your item as I will have to make it, but rest assured if I email you back to confirm your order you WILL recive your items

THANK YOU from me & Poppy :)


p.s I attempted to tag everyone just to make sure they would see the note but I think I ballsed it up a little sorry.

You don't have to buy anything of course but it would be swell of ya! :) x
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